Thursday, November 22, 2012

Another Current Show: Zebulon Pike

This one could have gone better. The session was pretty convoluted, my MSCM student bailed at the beginning of the show and only sort of made it back for the wrap-up. The mix delivery was scheduled for Wednesday, 13 days from the night of the show. Wednesday afternoon, I received an email from MPR asking if the mix was going to show up on time for the show planning.Because nothing else had gone right that evening (including Pro Tools crashing once before the show and twice during the interview), I'd made a check mix for a backup. The check mix is what MPR aired and is on the attached link.

On the plus side, Zebulon Pike put on a good show and Dave's interview was his usual outstanding work. I haven't had this much trouble doing one of these Soundbite Shows since we started the series. Hopefully, the next one will be easier.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Another Current Show: P.O.S.

P.O.S. had just escaped from the hospital, after having an insulin delivery system implanted while he was on the waiting list for a kidney transplant. Tracks from the show can be found at 16 and 101 minutes. The local media (the Trib, City Pages, and others) all indicated that P.O.S. delivered an abbreviated show, cutting it short to head back to the hospital. That was untrue. P.O.S. played a solid hour show, stuck around for another hour for the interview with Dave Campbell, and even helped a bit with the load-out. The man is a professional and truly deserves the title of Prince of Punk Rap. Listen to the interview, he's a classic revolutionary.

Joe Kimple's mix of the P.O.S. show is what aired on the Local Show and is on the link below. My grandson, Wolfgang's, edit of the interview is included in the segment.

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