Monday, June 10, 2013

Old Stuff in the Pipe

I just uploaded the entire history of my audio publication work to this blog. Over the next few months, pretty much everything I’ve ever written about audio will show up here. Some of it is pretty antique, including reviews of long-dead companies or obsolete products. Sooner or later, the Wirebender Audio Systems website will vanish from the internet and it will be nice to know that some of that stuff will still be here as long as Google keeps Blogger alive.

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Wirebender Audio Rants

Over the dozen years I taught audio engineering at Musictech College and McNally Smith College of Music, I accumulated a lot of material that might be useful to all sorts of budding audio techs and musicians. This site will include comments and questions about professional audio standards, practices, and equipment. I will add occasional product reviews with as many objective and irrational opinions as possible.