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[This page was designed for McNally Smith College of Music Students. However, if the information on this page is useful to you, I'm glad to have been assistance.]

Audio Signal Flow

  • Analog Signal Flow in the Trident S80 console. This drawing depicts a mess, but it's our mess. This is a 3-page PDF that depicts the most simple path, the actual Trident path, and a generic console signal path. 
  • Digital Signal Flow typical in-the-box signal path including as much of the signal as possible retained in the digital realm.

Microphones & Accessories

Consoles and Recording Equipment

Other Stuff

  • Jobs in recording studios - What are the jobs available? from
  • Recording Studio Careers Buddy Brundo's take on the technology and jobs in recording studios. This should be required viewing in our program. If you think getting to be a recording engineer or producer is a simple career plan, think again.
  • The Multitrack Library This website contains a huge collection of multitrack recordings that you can use to practice your mixing techniques and to look at the inside of some decent recordings.

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