Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Passion to Have Fun

When you’re just an ordinary 9-time world MotoGP champion, what’s left to do on your spare weekends? Build a mansion, with a great garage, and . . . the coolest racetrack in the world for a backyard.

As always, I have more luck understanding Italian than Guy Martin’s “English?” Guy is really Wolverine, right? It’s probably all that Unobtainium in his jaw that makes him so incomprehensible.

A little more of the story is here: One of the World’s Best Motorcycle Racers Builds His Dream Racetrack.

As for Rossi, “The passion to have fun when you ride is the most important thing” pretty much wraps up his life on a motorcycle in front of the rest of us. Like watching Magic Johnson play basketball, it’s a joy to see him having so much fun on a motorcycle.

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